Posted by: Diana Ferraro | 15 May 2010

Rodrigo Fresán

One of the most talented Argentine writers, a journalist and a translator of American authors, he was born in Buenos Aires in 1963. He lives now in Barcelona, Spain.

A great admirer of John Cheever, he has translated part of his work. Fresán’s first book, Historia argentina, published in Buenos Aires in 1991, was an absolute best seller.

This work was followed by Vida de santos, Esperanto, Trabajos manualesLa fuerza del fuego, Jardines de Kensington (Kensington Gardens, translated into English) and a novel widely translated La velocidad de las cosas (1998.)

His last novel, El fondo del cielo (2009,) mix of science fiction and romance, where boy meets girl but also love meets galaxy, reminds us of the odd literary marriage of Borges and Cheever celebrated within Fresán’s style, as in a fantasctic church imagined by Bioy.

Some of his contemporary Argentine colleagues find him too American, though, as influenced by his translator work. He might have rather recovered that old track in Argentine literature nurtured by the English and early American literatures– of which Borges was the best and most noticeable follower– and which was abandoned at the times of the Latin American boom.


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