Who I Am

December 2014

December 2014

Better known as a political essayist than as a fiction writer, I have nevertheless published in Spanish several short story collections and a few novellas and novels.
My bio and excerpts of my books in Spanish at: www.diana-ferraro.com

My author page and books at Amazon

From 1999 on, I traveled frequently to Richmond, Virginia and New York. In 2006, I started writing short stories in English, after writing in Spanish a collection of short stories and one novel based on my bicultural experience (La vida Americana and La voz de Mercedes, published at Amazon E-Books.) In 2010, I completed a collection of short stories in English, The Map of Solitude. now published as e-book at Amazon.Most of its stories have been workshopped at Zoetrope, where many wonderful and generous writers have helped me to grow in a language I am still trying to make my own. In 2011, I wrote my first novel in English, The French Lesson also published as e-book at Amazon.

Some of my stories in English have already been published:

Matches at Foundling Review

The Physiology of Pain at Danse Macabre

The Lady Lived at Libby and Grove at Midwest Literary Magazine

Chasing Doves in the Dead of Spring at Ink-Filled Page

Dig In at The Acentos Review

Both of Us at PALABRA Literary Magazine

The Book of Worms at The Other Room

The Flag at Yellow Mama

Translations from Spanish:
The Feather Pillow a short story by Horacio Quiroga and a poem from Rimas by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, both at The Linnet’s Wings.

More translations and literary essays at The Linnet’s Wings.

On Amazon Kindle:
Two short stories collections:
The Map of Solitude
The Bells

And one novel:
The French Lesson

Juan Seoane Cabral- Oil on Canvas-



  1. Congratulations on your new book. I love the cover!

  2. Thank you, Julia!

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