Posted by: Diana Ferraro | 30 July 2010

Manuel Puig

Twenty years ago, on July 22nd 1990, Manuel Puig died in Mexico, leaving behind a literary work which has obtained a world recognition for its originality and honesty.

His proverbial integrity can be observed and pondered in one of the few recorded available interviews where he also recalls his childhood in his native Argentina, the years spent later in Europe trying to master  a language – filmmaking – that he finally discovered was not his, and how he came to write his first and celebrated novel La traición de Rita Hayworth during his exile  in New York.

My preferred Puig’s novel is Cae la noche tropical, set in Rio de Janeiro, a  lesser known work from his last years, where his craft as a writer peaks and his wisdom as a human being permeates every page with love.

Interview at Radiotelevisión Española (in Spanish) in 5 parts at You Tube:






More excellent material and a bibliography can be found at:


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