Posted by: Diana Ferraro | 8 July 2010

Literary Magazines in Buenos Aires

Far from the legendary Sur, the magazine directed by Victoria Ocampo in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s which introduced more than one Argentine writer to local and foreign audiences and allowed the local audience to become  global reading every new foreign writer with some worth,  and not even close to the audacity of literary magazines in the 60’s, Argentine readers have to rely now mostly on the literary supplements of the two main newspapers.  Every Saturday, La Nación publishes ADN and Clarín the magazine Ñ.  The first one claims, from its title on, to revel on the Argentine cultural identity, and the second one makes a plea for the Hispanic letter Ñ as an identity opposed to the always envied Anglo-Saxon,  which has also shown some reluctance  to adding the letter to keyboards and Internet domains. Politics meddles with culture and, unfortunately, not enough culture or art meddles with politics, at least at the bottom of the Americas.

While a new literary renaissance makes its difficult path within the disorganized and improperly led Argentine community and while worthy writers, scattered now all over the world or  unseen by their own fellow citizens, make their way toward public recognition, this is where local and foreign readers can resort to know what’s going on in the literary Argentina:

ADN Cultura:

 Revista Ñ: 


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