Posted by: Diana Ferraro | 1 March 2010

Argentine Contemporary Literature

At Literatura Argentina Contemporánea, , a thorough inventory of contemporary famous Argentine writers. Each writer has a page, excerpts from his/her work  and links to his/her personal web pages and blogs. Below, the writer’s index:

  Luis Gusmán
Liliana Heker
Sylvia Iparraguirre
Noé Jitrik
Vlady Kociancich
Alicia Kozameh
Alberto Laiseca
Leónidas Lamborghini
Osvaldo Lamborghini
Leopoldo Marechal
Juan Martini
Guillermo Martínez
Tomás Eloy Martínez
Manuel Mujica Láinez
Gustavo Nielsen
Silvina Ocampo
Alicia Partnoy
Alan Pauls
Néstor Perlongher
Ricardo Piglia
Alejandra Pizarnik
Abel Posse
Manuel Puig
Rodolfo Rabanal
Andrés Rivera
Reina Roffé
Germán Rozenmacher
Ernesto Sábato
Guillermo Saccomanno
Juan José Saer
Beatriz Sarlo
Ana María Shua
Osvaldo Soriano
Alicia Steimberg
Héctor Tizón
Pablo Urbanyi
Paco Urondo
Luisa Valenzuela
David Viñas
María Elena Walsh
Rodolfo Walsh
Marcelo Zamboni

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