Posted by: Diana Ferraro | 11 January 2010

Alan Pauls

A great journalist and a superb poet, Miguel Brascó, who can be seen sometimes on TV as a wine expert, invented in the early 80’s a magazine, Quark, which was to be written only by the most talented young writers. They had to be truly talented and not older than 25. He chose an experienced director, another wonderful writer who had been a sensation when young and an open-minded and kind professional, Diego Baracchini, who chose yours truly to organize this blooming bunch of young talents. Among them, one excelled. He was 18 or so, just out from the French High School in Buenos Aires, and quickly showed he would become someone in the literary world. He was not only extremely talented, but also very good-looking and with a nice way to relate to everyone. Alan Pauls is today the most renowned still “young” Argentine author, in the same country that didn’t realize who Borges was until he was way beyond his 50’s.

His novel, The Past, won the Herralde award for novels, one of the most coveted recognitions in Spanish language, and has been translated into English. Pauls  has recently published a new novel, Historia del Llanto, the moving memory of a child in the 70’s  Argentina. In this interview, he explains his point of view on how memory works and why he chose this theme for his novel. 

Interview to Alan Pauls (In French) at:


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